In August 2015, taylormade.ie announced the release of CMS. 

Compliance Management Database is a unique on-line database that provides food operators and inspectors with instant access to mandatory records for each greasetrap in their premises. In compliance with Discharge Licensing requirements, routine water analysis is carried out at each grease interceptor to determine various parameters such as FOG, COD, BOD, suspended solids, pH levels etc. In addition, scheduled maintenance reports and waste disposal certificates are updated and uploaded to CMD every 30 days which ensures the performance data is relevant, reliable and actionable.

Also included in CMD is a replenishment record of your daily bacterial treatment (FAT ATTACK) which keeps plumbing systems free of blockages and bad odours.

A Must-Have For Food Operators & Irish Water Inspectors

This feature of a taylormade Maintenance Plan provides the client with valuable performance data. Results can be closely monitored and specific areas targeted for improvement. Additionally, Irish Water Inspectors have impressive evidence of the food operators commitment to compliance.Hard copy records continue to be updated in the customers on-site Compliance Manual and monthly email reports are sent to selected members of staff.