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Our Journey

For over 20 years, taylormade.ie have supplied maintenance solutions, civil engineering and construction services to major clients throughout Ireland. In that time, we gained significant expertise in providing preventative maintenance programmes to the catering, brewing and healthcare sectors.

In 2008, we acquired a long established family run firm that supplied maintenance products and services to an extensive customer base within the catering sector. Shortly thereafter, we began to focus our interests on supplying and installing commercial grease interceptors to these and other busy food operators. In the years to follow, Irish Water would bring together the water services of Irelands 34 Local Authorities under one national supplier. Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, cafes etc. would soon need to demonstrate compliance with standardised regulations for controlling waste FOG (fats, oils & grease) in their food establishments. Having identified a gap in the market, the decision was made to commit our resources to new product development and staff upskilling with the objective of being Irelands first supplier of maintenance and compliance solutions for commercial grease traps.

taylormade.ie dosing unit

A number of companies specialise in supplying grease traps, others focus on waste disposal whilst some promote bacterial treatments for controlling FOG. Today, taylormade.ie is proud to be Irelands only company to provide all of these services and more, as part of a fixed-cost monthly maintenance plan.

Continuous Investment

taylormade.ie monitoring and reporting

2015 saw the launch of MACS – Maintenance and Compliance Software. This unique online database is updated every month by your service engineers and provides food operators and Irish Water inspectors with instant access to all mandatory compliance records. (Click here for more information on MACS ).

Hard copy records continue to be updated in the customers on-site Compliance Manual and monthly email reports are sent to selected members of staff and Irish Water inspectors.

What Next for taylormade.ie?

At taylormade.ie we are committed to continuously improving our products and service. We are a small family run firm that has achieved significant growth in a short period of time with around 90% of new business coming from referrals and recommendations.

Work has already commenced on designing an exclusive range of taylormade grease interceptors for sinks, combi-ovens and dishwashers. A new and improved Best Practice Training Program is soon to be made available to all catering staff in their place of work. This 60 minute interactive programme is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each facility and is a proven means of eliminating non-compliant practices.

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