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Your Discharge to Sewer Licence & Grease Trap Compliance

Discharge to Sewer Licence application form

A Legal Responsibility

Under Section 16(1) of the Public Health Act, it is an offence for food operators to allow waste FOG (fat, oil & grease) to enter a public drain or sewer. The food operator is subject to criminal liability if they cannot demonstrate compliance with the conditions of their Discharge to Sewer Licence. 

Irish Water inspectors require FSE’s (Food Service Establishment’s) to install a correctly sized grease trap or grease interceptor. In accordance with I.S. EN 1825 parts 1&2, the licencee must regularly monitor, maintain and document the compliance performance of each grease trap. 

We’ll Even Apply For Your Discharge to Sewer Licence

For busy food service establishments, grease trap compliance can be a time consuming and challenging responsibility. Our taylormade maintenance plans allow you to focus on your core business while we work hard to ensure your premises and staff are compliant with industry regulations. In addition, our cost effective maintenance plans eliminate expensive blockages, bad odours and unplanned downtime. 

All Your Grease Trap Compliance Records – Online

A taylormade Maintenance Plan not only ensures your drains and grease trap remain functional 24/7, it guarantees compliance with all industry regulations. Scheduled monitoring and maintenance is carried out every 30 days and all mandatory records are updated. This ensures the performance data is accurate, consistent and actionable.

You and your Local Authority Inspectors can remotely access these maintenance and compliance records via our unique online database – MACS (Maintenance and Compliance Software). 

Measuring fat oil and grease to ensure greasetrap compliance
graph showing grease levels for greasetrap compliance

Online Access to FOG Levels

Each month the grease cap is visually inspected and measured, routine maintenance is carried out and certified waste disposal is scheduled when 25% of its volume is occupied by FOG (fats, oils & grease).

This physical inspection of the grease levels each month makes it possible to schedule a programme of waste disposal that not only demonstrates compliance but also ensures blockages, bad odours and expensive call outs are a thing of the past.

Online Access to Water Analysis Results

In compliance with Discharge Licensing requirements, routine water analysis is carried out at each grease trap to determine various parameters such as FOG, COD, BOD, suspended solids, pH levels etc.

This feature of a taylormade Maintenance Plan provides the client and Irish Water inspectors with valuable performance data. This in turn allows the food operator to target specific areas for improvement and closely monitor the results each month.



graph showing grease levels for greasetrap compliance
monthly reports for greasetrap compliance

Online Access to Disposal Certificates

Waste disposal records are a must for all food operators but are often misplaced or unavailable for inspection due to poor recording keeping or staff negligence.

A taylormade Maintenace Plan ensures the grease interceptor is emptied and cleaned when required and all waste disposal certificates are safely stored in the on-site Compliance Manual and on the online database.

Access to MACS Includes:

  • Waste Disposal Certificates
  • Analysis for FOG, BOD, COD, Ph Levels etc.
  • Monthly Maintenance Reporting
  • Staff Training Records
  • Annual Environmental Reporting
  • Discharge Licensing Requirements
  • Irish Water Inspection Results
  • Performance Reporting
  • Cost Analysis for any Reactive Maintenace
greasetrap compliance as standard

Why Do I Need To Demonstrate Compliance?

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How To Access My Maintenance & Compliance Records On Line

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