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No More Blocked Drains – Guaranteed

The number one cause of blocked drains in commercial kitchens is waste FOG (fats, oils & grease). Used plates, crockery and cooking utensils all contain small amounts of FOG which over time accumulates, cools and solidifies in drains and pipes. Unblocking drains can be an expensive and intrusive problem for any Food Service Establishment. Enzyme treatments for pipes and grease traps were a preferred solution for blocked drains for many years. However, Local Authorities soon came to understand that enzyme-based treatments did not keep waste FOG in a permanently dissolved state.

A Daily Bacterial Treatment that Digests Fats, Oils & Grease

Fat Attack® is a time-proven bacterial additive that is automatically dosed into busy plumbing systems up to 3 times per day. Local Authority approved, it safely and economically digests grease and other organic waste buildup and turns it into carbon dioxide and water. The micro-organisms in Fat Attack® break down and digest all solid waste on contact which keeps drains, pipes and grease traps functioning as new.

A free-on-loan digital dosing pump delivers a consistent daily dose of Fat Attack® which reduces the buildup of troublesome fats, oils and grease in drains and grease traps. Fat Attack® is DCC and Irish Water approved.

no more blocked drains with chemical Fat Attack
Fat Attack no more blocked drains bacteria


  • No More Blocked Drains or Grease Traps
  • Eliminates Bad Odours & Slow Sinks
  • Reduces Costly Pump Outs and Cleaning
  • Complies with Current Licensing Requirements
  • Environmentally Friendly Formulation
  • Timed & Consistent Dosing
  • Part of a 30 Day Maintenance Plan

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