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Grease traps that are taylormade to the needs of your facility

There are many things we wouldn’t buy over the phone or on the internet – a grease trap should be one of them. That’s because an industry compliant grease trap needs to be correctly sized to ensure it can handle the specific demands of each facility.

Sizing a grease trap correctly requires a skilful assessment of the food service establishment. Critical information such as water temperatures, flow rates, meals served per day etc. play a significant part in determining the volume of the unit. We provide a free nationwide sizing service and all our grease traps are supplied with an I.S. EN 1825 installation and sizing certificate. 

Investing in a non-compliant or off-the-shelf grease trap can prove costly and disruptive to a food establishment so it pays to do a little research before hand.


greasetrap with open lid
greasetrap with open lid

Before Investing in an off-the-shelf grease trap ask yourself:


  • Will my grease trap pass an Irish Water inspection?
  • How often will it need to be emptied and cleaned?
  • Will my supplier install, maintain & clean my grease trap?
  • What guarantee comes with my grease trap?
  • How is the grease trap constructed e.g. what gauge steel?
  • How is the cover secured e.g. will bad odours escape?
  • Ask for 3 or more references and see the unit in operation

Sized, Manufactured, Installed & Maintained to I.S. EN 1825

All taylormade grease traps are sized and installed in strict compliance with industry standards and is supplied with an installation and sizing certificate which provides Irish Water inspectors with the necessary proof of compliance.

Every unit is made to order following a comprehensive survey of the premises and can be fabricated to fit almost anywhere. Our internal free standing models are constructed from grade 304 stainless steel and the double sealed cover is secured in place with 4 or more locking bolts to ensure odour free and hygienic operation.

inside of greasetrap

How it Works?

As waste water enters the grease trap the internal stainless steel baffles reduce the flow allowing the water to cool quickly. Fat, oil and grease then rises to the surface and solidifies while food particles sink to the bottom. Waste water with the grease removed can then safely enter the public sewer. All our grease traps are designed to accept a daily bacterial additive which successfully digests fats, oils and grease. (read more about bacterial additives)

Each internal unit has a double sealed stainless steel lid which is secured in place with several locking nuts making the system odour free and extremely hygienic. The conditions of a Discharge Licence often requires the waste water to be analysed for FOG, BOD, COD, pH levels etc. All our grease interceptors come with an easily accessible sampling point which is located on the outlet side of the trap.

Indoor or Outdoor – Floor Mounted or Below Ground

Every grease trap is taylormade to the specific needs of your premises. Below ground units can be supplied with a recessed lid which will accept concrete, tile, vinyl etc.

Why Does My Grease Trap Need A Maintenace Plan?

Food operators are required by law to keep detailed records of their grease trap maintenance, waste disposal certification, water analysis, staff training records, AER reporting etc. Irish Water and their Local Authority representatives regularly inspect food service establishments and require access to these important records.

A taylormade Maintenance Plan allows you to focus on your business with confidence and peace of mind. Every 30 days your service engineer will ensure your premises is compliant with current licensing requirements. Your bacterial drain treatment is replenished, waste disposal certificates are updated and all routine maintenance is documented.

Your monthly email report provides you with up-to-date information such as current grease levels, the date and time of your next grease trap empty, your waste water analysis results and much more. You or your Irish Water inspectors can access these and other important records at any time by simply logging into your online account.

greasetrap bacterial treatment

Which Greasetrap is Right for My Business?

Mechanical or Passive?

Mechanical greasetrap

Mechanical Grease Traps


  • Some models consume up to 1.5 kW per hour
  • Moving parts require regular maintenance
  • Requires daily grease & food removal by staff
  • Unsealed unit (unhygienic)
  • Bad odours easily escape
  • Life expectancy: 3-5 yrs
  • Starting price is €3,200.00 plus vat

Maintenance & Running Costs
1.5 kW per hour = approx.€1,242 per year
Maintenance Contract = €750.00 per year
De-sludge x 4 per year = €600.00 per year

Total Running Costs: From €2,592.00 per year per unit 

taylormade passive greasetrap

BioTrap 100


  • No runnings costs
  • No moving parts
  • No filters, bags or daily cleaning
  • No bad odours due to airtight lid
  • Completely sealed unit is safe & hygienic
  • Life expectancy: 20+ years
  • Starting price is €599.00

Maintenance & Running Costs
Daily bacterial treatment = from €990 per year
Maintenance & Compliance Plan = Inclusive
Scheduled Cleaning = Inclusive

Total Running Costs: From €990 per year

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