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Simple, Cost Effective & Problem Free

As waste water enters the grease trap the internal (stainless steel) baffles reduce the flow allowing the water to cool quickly. FOG then rises to the surface of the trap and solidifies while food particles sink to the bottom. Waste water with the FOG removed, can then safely enter the public sewer. There are no moving parts, running costs, filters or bags to be changed and the unit can be retrofitted in almost any kitchen. (Read more about our grease traps)

fat trap
bacterial treatment for grease traps


Keeps Drains & Grease Traps Clean

FAT ATTACK is a bacterial treatment that is automatically dispensed into busy plumbing systems to control the build up of waste fats, oils & grease. This timeproven technology keeps drains, sinks and grease traps working like new. Supplied in 1 litre, 10litre, 20litre & 10 litre Super Concentrate. FAT ATTACK is Irish Water and DCC approved. Read more)

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Controls Bad Odours in Mechanical Grease Traps

FAT ATTACK PLUS rapidly removes organic compounds and eliminates bad odours. It keeps the working parts of mechanical grease traps clean and operational thereby prolonging the life of the unit and reducing costly maintenance. Supplied in 1 Litre and 10 Litre. FAT ATTACK PLUS Irish Water and DCC approved.

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treatment for bad odours in grease traps
drain unblocker

Drain Clear

For Blocked Drains

Drain Clear works immediately to free blocked drains and pipes. It breaks down all oils, hydrocarbon-based substances and will dissolve grease instantly. Unlike harsh chemicals, Drain Clear is non-toxic and displays a neutral pH. It is a 100% biodegradable solvent and is acid and caustic free. Supplied in 1 Litre containers for convenient hand dosing. Prevent the reoccurrence of blockages and bad odours by using Drain Maintainer or Fat Attack. (Read more about Fat Attack)

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EZ Drain

For Blocked Drains

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drain unblocker
floor degreaser and cleaner


Removes Floor Grease & Treats Drains

BIO FLOOR is formulated with a surfactant blend which actively removes and controls the build-up of grease on hard floor surfaces. It produces excellent detergency, long term odour control and ensures a safe and hygienic environment for staff and customers. Supplied in 1 Litre and 5 Litre.

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FOG Control for Waste Water Sumps

This unique formulation combines a high bacterial count with slow release technology to dose a wide range of treatments for maximum effectiveness in this tough environment.

BIO BLOCK will gradually dissolve over a 30 to 90 day period and the natural occurring bacteria will reduce odour, sludge, fats, oils and grease. This will significantly reduce maintenance and cleaning thereby prolonging the life of pumps and working parts.

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Applications include pumping stations, effluent treatment plants, holding tanks, wet wells and lagoons.

Supplied and replenished every 30 days as part of a maintenance plan, Available in 1KG or 5KG.

treatment for waste water sumps
dosing pump for grease trap bacteria


Controlled Bacterial Dosing for Grease Traps

Supplied and installed free-on-loan, this digital dosing pump delivers a consistent daily dose of FAT ATTACK to reduce the buildup of troublesome fats, oils and grease in drains and grease traps.

As part of taylormade Maintenace Plan, FAT ATTACK is replenished every 30 or 60 days. Batteries in the dosing unit are replaced when needed and the pump is serviced every 30 days.


Controlled Bacterial Dosing for Grease Traps

Supplied and installed free-on-loan, this vandal-proof & waterproof unit is located close to the outdoor grease trap. Contained inside is a battery-operated dosing pump which delivers a consistent daily dose of FAT ATTACK to reduce the buildup of troublesome fats, oils and grease in drains and grease traps. As part of taylormade Maintenace Plan, FAT ATTACK is replenished every 30 or 60 days.

outdoor box for grease trap bacterial treatment


Prevents Food Waste from Entering Drains

Over time, waste food can accumulate in pipes and drains which in turn causes bad odours and costly blockages. Our rigid plastic & stainless steel Food Catchers are designed to restrict solid waste from entering pipes, public sewers, grease interceptors (traps) and waste water treatment plants.

food separator

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Installed under pot wash or pre wash sinks, this is a simple but highly effective means of controlling waste food in any Food Service Establishment. Supplied as part of a taylormade Maintenance Plan.


Simple, Cost Effective & Problem Free

The implementation of Best Management Practices in your food establishment will prevent waste fats, oils and grease from entering your plumbing system and public drains. This small investment in staff training is a proven way to ensure compliance with Local Government regulations and will significantly reduce costly maintenance and cleaning.

waste water compliance training
grease trap maintenance reporting


24/7 Access to All Your Compliance Records

Customers and Local Authority Inspectors can quickly access all maintenance and compliance records via our unique online database. These mandatory records are updated every 30 days following a monthly service visit at each FSE. Every month the grease cap is visually inspected and measured, routine maintenance is carried out and certified waste disposal is scheduled when 25% of its volume is occupied by FOG.


Consistent, Accurate & ACTIONABLE

As part of your Maintenance Plan, your grease trap is visually inspected and serviced every 30 or 60 days. A comprehensive maintenance report is emailed to you and your staff each month. This feature of your Maintenance Plan demonstrates your commitment to compliance and ensures your grease trap never overflows, clogs-up or breaches Health & Safety / Food Standard regulations.

grease trap email alert
grease trap waste disposal certificate


Preventative, Planned & Economical

Monthly service visits allow us to closely monitor the performance and volume of each grease trap and ensure it is emptied before reaching full capacity.

A taylormade maintenance plan is the most cost-effective way of cleaning a grease trap and ensures compliance with all Local Authority Regulations.

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