Grease Traps

Customised | Certified | Installed

All greasetraps are designed to separate fats, oils, and grease, (otherwise known as FOG), from waste water before it enters public sewers. But what makes our greasetraps different? Our BIOTRAPS® are passive, 100% airtight, and there’s no moving parts, filters, or bags to replace. BIOTRAP® requires no daily maintenance by staff, consumes zero electricity, and can be retro-fitted in almost any kitchen. Most importantly, our greasetraps are certified, customised to your needs, and professionally installed by our qualified engineers.


Scheduled empties | Regular monitoring

Unfortunately, installing a greasetrap is not enough to keep your plumbing system functional. In order to comply with your obligations as a Food Service Establishment, regular greasetrap maintenance is an absolute necessity. This involves professional removal of the accumulated FOG and food waste in your greasetrap. In addition to this, detailed cleaning records must be kept for all Irish Water and Food Safety inspections. Want to know how often your greasetrap should be cleaned? Much of this depends on the size of your greasetrap, and the amount of food you produce each day.


Your obligation | Our responsibility

Today, there are strict regulations concerning safe FOG disposal. Irish Water inspectors require all Food Service Establishments (FSE) to regularly monitor, maintain, and document all compliance records for each trap installed on their premises. Our unique software, MACS (Maintenance and Compliance Software), keeps all your compliance records online, along with a hard copy compliance manual stored on-site. In addition to this, if you are a new FSE, you will need to apply for a Trade Effluent Licence. We can help you get started. Click here to learn more about our taylormade service plans.


No blockages | No smells | No slow drains

As a Food Service Establishment, there are lots of things that you can do to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Our time-proven treatment, FAT ATTACK, is one sure way of keeping FOG levels under control. Our extensive range of bio-treatments not only reduce FOG build-up, keeping your plumbing system functioning like new, but also decreases the frequency of greasetrap cleaning. All of our bio-treatments are environmentally friendly, extremely effective, and safe-to-use.