Councils speak out.

Clean coasts and Irish Water remind the people of Carlow not to use their as a bin as Irish Water cleared almost 1,500 sewer blockages already this year. That’s 125 blockages every single week.

FOGS causing serious problems.

FOG’s (Fats, oils and grease) as well as gravy may seem like liquid when poured out but once they reach the pipes they cool and cause blockages in the sewer pipes in homes, businesses, the public sewer network, waste water treatment plants and ultimately damage the environment. When FOG’s combine with tissue and wipes, fatburgs can form.

A recent survey revealed that 85% of people living in Ireland dispose of food items down the kitchen sink.

The survey revealed that the kitchen sink is often treated as a bin for the disposal of melted fats, oils and greases, gravy, sauces, milk, leftover food, smoothies, ground coffee, mayonnaise, salad dressing, ice-cream and scrapings from plates.

Food catchers are they way forward!

To tackle the problem, Irish water encourage all to use GunkPots or Food catchers. These containers are used to collect cooled cooking fats, oils, grease and food remnants from roasting trays, plates, &pans. Once hardened the collected food etc can be disposed of in the right bin and the Foodcatcher can be wiped cleaned and reused.

Think before you pour!

Authorities encourage home owners to think before they pour. Small actions and changes can make a huge impact on the operation of waste water systems and ultimately the environment.