FAT ATTACK safely and economically digests grease and other organic waste to prevent FOG (fats, oils and grease) from blocking plumbing systems and grease traps. it significantly reduces the frequency of costly grease trap cleaning and maintenance.

How does it work?

Fats, oils and grease, or triglycerides, have a common molecular structure, consisting of a glycerol head piece to which three fatty acid chains are attached. In the first hydrolysis stage of breakdown, the enzyme Lipase catalyses the removal of the fatty chains from the glycerol head piece. The second stage is beta-oxidation, in effect where the liberated fatty acids are cleaved, two carbon units at a time, forming a molecule called acetyl co-enzyme A – water and energy. Finally, it is acetyl co-enzyme A that enters the Krebs cycle (TCA cycle/citric acid cycle) to be oxidised into carbon dioxide and water with the production of energy.

Timed Dosing

Your free on loan dosing pump delivers a consistent daily dose of FAT ATTACK at periods of lowest flow eg: early morning and/ or late evening. The dosing pump and bacterial treatment is contained within a free on loan wall mounted stainless steel lockable box.


FAT ATTACK produces a bio film on the inside of pipes which is proven to keep sinks, drains and plumbing systems working like new. It eliminates blockages, bad odours and the need for harsh chemicals.

FAT ATTACK digests FOG (fats, oils and grease) in busy grease interceptors and significantly reduces the frequency of costly waste disposal. Controlled dosing via our battery operated peristaltic pump ensures consistent results.

FAT ATTACK is safe to use and complies with all licensing requirements. It is approved for use by Irish Water, DCC and all Local Authorities throughout Ireland.

Along with FAT ATTACK, Our MACS compliance reporting system also keeps you completely compliant and up to date with Local Authorities. Stay tuned for our next blog which explains how…