Food Catcher


Our under-sink food catcher is designed to restrict solid food waste from entering pipes, public sewers, greasetraps, and wastewater treatment plants. At the end of each day, simply remove the basket and dispose of all food waste into a bin.

How does the Food Catcher work?

As wastewater and food particles enter the Food Catcher, only water can escape, allowing staff to easily remove the stainless steel basket and dispose of any food waste. It is ideally suited to work on the inlet side of any underground greasetrap.

Are there filters to be changed?

No. There are no filters or moving parts. Once the unit is installed it will provide many years of trouble-free performance.

How is it installed?

Any competent plumber or maintenance professional can install the Food Catcher. Alternatively, we offer a nationwide installation service.

Where can it be used?

The Food Catcher can be used under any domestic or commercial sink and it is recommended for cafes, restaurants, hospitals, coffee shops, dentists, etc.

Where can I buy it?

Taylormade is the sole manufacturers and distributor for the Food Catcher. We carry an extensive stock for immediate delivery and/or installation.

Benefits of a Food Catcher:
  • Traps up to 90% of all food waste.
  • Keeps plumbing systems working like new.
  • Prevents costly blockages and bad odours.
Dimensions (L x D x H): 30 × 32 × 45 cm
Weight: 20 kg

Spec Sheet

Download / View Food Catcher Spec Sheet.