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Best Practice Training in Waste Food Management –

A Legal Requirement 

The implementation of Best Practice training in waste food management will prevent fats, oils and grease from entering your plumbing system and public drains. This small investment in staff training is a proven way to ensure you demonstrate compliance with the conditions of your Discharge Licence and will significantly reduce costly maintenance and cleaning.


  • Assured Compliance with Irish Water & Local Authority Regulations
  • Reduction of Waste FOG (fats, oils & grease)
  • Eliminates Poor Wash-up & Housekeeping Practises
  • Eliminates Blockages, Bad Odours & Call Outs
  • Fewer Grease Trap Empties
  • Compliance with BOD, COD, pH Levels etc.
  • Training Certs Stored On MACS (Maintenance and Compliance Software)
  • Financial Return Far Exceeds the Cost of Training
best practice in waste food management
best practice in waste food management

Immediate Results in 60 Minutes

We understand that staff training can often mean downtime for your business which is why we developed a practical 60 minute training programme that produces immediate results. Presented in your premises at a time that best suits you, this hands on tuition is taylored to the specific needs and challenges of your facility.

We can accommodate any group size at any time e.g. one hour before or after business hours or between shifts.


Best Practice Training – A Sound Investment

If you think that your business wouldn’t benefit from investing in staff training, here’s a simply exercise that might change your mind. Ask any of your catering staff one of following questions:

  • Where does our kitchen waste water go?
  • Why do our sinks or drains block up and smell sometimes?
  • What happens when small amounts of grease and food go down the sink?

The answers to these questions may surprise you and might explain why you have to use a drainage contractor to unblock your drains, pipes or greasetrap. The cost of training your staff in Best Practise is less than the cost of one call-out fee.


Training Certificates 

Training certs are provided for each attendee and are stored in the customers on-site Compliance Manual. In addition, you or your Irish Water inspectors can access all training records via MACS, our unique on-line database for compliance monitoring and reporting. 

Best Practise wall charts are displayed in the kitchen to remind staff of key actions and principles.


best practice in waste food management

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