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Bespoke Traps. Designed by You.

Off-the-shelf plastic and metal grease traps are supplied in standard sizes. But what if the inlet and outlet locations on the grease trap don’t line up with the sewer or waste pipe? What if you need to drive a car or HGV over the lid or if a riser is required due to the increased depth of a sewer pipe? What if a standard size trap is too tall or too wide to work in your particular application? A taylormade BIOTRAP® addresses all of these issues allowing you the builder to dictate the shape, design, load-bearing, capacity and much more.

Inlet & Outlet Location

The inlet and outlet locations on plastic or off-the-shelf metal grease traps cannot be altered. This is a problem when installing a new grease trap onto an existing drain as the inlet and outlet points of the trap may not line up with the pipework. A taylormade BIOTRAP® addresses this issue.  The inlet and outlet can be positioned anywhere on the trap. They can even be placed off-center. 

Not sure how deep the sewer line is buried in the ground. No problem. Simply call our sales team and we’ll arrange a free site visit to ensure the inlet and outlet locations of the BIOTRAP® will align perfectly with your existing underground pipework. 

Irish Water Application & Approval 

Installing a grease trap without Local Authority consent could result in heavy fines and costly remediation works. Prior to fabrication, we will correctly size your grease trap and make an application to Irish Water on behalf of your client. This is a free service. 

Increased Load Bearing on Lids

Need to drive or park a car, van or truck on the lids of your new BIOTRAP®? No problem. Load Class B, C and D is easily achieved with our taylormade covers. 

Bespoke Riser

If the existing sewer line is situated more than 350mm below ground level, a riser will be required. This ensures the volume of the grease trap is not compromised. 

Sizing Calculation & Certification 

If a grease trap is undersized, Irish Water inspectors can insist that it is removed and replaced. We offer a free sizing service that guarantees compliance with all wastewater regulations.

Free Site Survey 

Call now to book a free survey of your site. Our engineers can assist you with sizing, positioning, design, loading, etc.  

Life Expectancy 

Supplied in factory painted mid steel or 304 stainless steel, our taylormade BIOTRAP’S® can be retrofitted indoors or outdoors, below ground or above ground. They will consistently perform to the highest standards with a life expectancy of 20+ years. 

Supplied with Lifting Points

Lifting points can be fabricated to the inside or the outside of the grease trap. This allows for easy lifting and postioning of large units. 

The weight of the trap is provided at the time of order. 

Installation Service

We can supply, deliver and install your new BIOTRAP® anywhere in Ireland within 12 to 15 working days from the date of order. Alternatively, you can install the unit yourself. There are no electrical or mechanical components and no specialized training or accreditation is required. 

Quotation Request Form

Bespoke Traps. Designed by You.

We can fabricate a grease trap to your specifc requirement to ensure the inlet and oulet locations align perfectly with your existing pipework. If required we can include a load bearing cover for traffic and HGV’s. Simply tell us the dimensions you require and click the “request a quote” button. We will reply within 24 hours with a detailed quotation to include optional installation and SLA (Service Level Agreement).

A =      Overall Length
B =      Overall Width
C =      Overall Height From the bottom of the trap to the top of the cover
D =      Inlet & Outlet Pipe Diametre e.g to suit 40mm, 50mm, or 110mm pipework
E =      Inlet Location From centre of inlet to top of trap
F =      Inlet Location From bottom of trap to centre of inlet
G =     Outlet Location The outlet should be a minimum of 10mm lower than the inlet.

Technical Specifications


Connection Detail for Above Ground Inlet Pipe.


Connection Detail for Above Ground Inlet Pipe.


Connection Detail for Above Ground Inlet Pipe.


Connection Detail for Above Ground Inlet Pipe.


Connection Detail for Above Ground Inlet Pipe.