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Grease Trap Cleaning, Maintenance & Emptying

It is a legal requirement for Food Operators to demonstrate compliance with the conditions of their Discharge to Sewer Licence. This requires installing and maintaining a correctly sized grease trap or grease recovery unit which restricts waste FOG (fats, oils & grease) from entering the public sewer. In addition, food operators must maintain accurate records of the following:

Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance 

Waste Disposal Certification

Waste Water Analysis

Staff Training Records

AER Reporting 

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Irish Water and their Local Authority representatives regularly inspect food service establishments for compliance performance and require access to these important records.

A taylormade Maintenance Plan ensures your grease trap complies with I.S.EN 1825 parts 1 & 2, and all relevant documentation is on hand for Irish Water inspectors. Scheduled maintenance is carried out every 30 days. This ensures your grease trap is emptied and cleaned when necessary, not when it’s too late.  A Preventative Maintenace Plan controls the costs associated with your grease trap. This eliminates bad odours, blockages and costly downtime.

A Fixed Monthly Cost for Your Grease Trap Cleaning, Maintenance & Compliance

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For some busy food operators a grease trap is much like a spare tyre in a car – it only receives attention in an emergency! This ‘reactive’ approach to grease trap maintenance is very costly and counter-productive for two reasons:

1. Grease trap Cleaning Companies Want You to Ignore Your Grease Trap.
Their business depends on it. When your grease trap backs up, overflows or starts to smell it can have a large impact on your business. Cleaning companies charge up to 5 times more for unscheduled cleaning. Ironically, busy food operators don’t question these huge fees because they are happy to have their kitchen back in production – until the next time!

2. As a Food Operator – You Have a Legal Obligation to Maintain Your Grease Trap.
A correctly sized grease trap is a vital piece of equipment in any commercial kitchen. This fact becomes all too evident when it stops working. A taylormade Maintenace Plan ensures your drains and grease trap remain operational 24/7. It also guarantees compliance with waste water regulations, and caps the cost of what was once a previously unknown expense.

Taylormade Maintenance Plans

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