Dosing Pump


This digital peristaltic pump delivers a timed and consistent daily dose of liquid Fat Attack which keeps drains and greasetraps free-flowing. This eliminates the need for hand dosing which can often be inconsistent and uneconomical. This is provided free-on-loan with our SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Do I need a plumber or electrician to install the pump?

No. The dosing pump can be installed quickly and easily by any competent person. It is battery operated and requires little or no technical skills.


How long do the batteries last?

Each unit accepts x8 DD batteries which will last up to 2 years. Batteries are supplied with the unit.


Where should I install the dosing pump?

The bacterial treatment will work best if it is installed at the busiest sink or combi-oven. The pump can be installed above or below the sink but the dosing tube is always connected to the waste pipe under the sink (after the bend). We recommend installing the pump in our custom made stainless steel housing unit as it provides a clean, dry environment to ensure a long working life.


How long should the pump run for?

The pump is supplied pre-programmed to dispense 160mls of FAT ATTACK per day. This means our standard 10L drum will last 60 days. This is sufficient for most plumbing systems in restaurants, cafes, deli’s etc. However, the unit has up to 16 programmable settings to accommodate even the busiest of food operations.


Can it be installed outdoors?

Yes, but it must be kept clean, dry, and safe from vandals. We recommended installing the pump within our custom made housing unit.

Dimensions (L x D x H): 40 × 28 × 60 cm
Weight: 8 kg