Why are inspections necessary?

There are two reasons why all Food Service Establishments need a grease trap.

  • It prevents liquid FOG (fats, oils and grease) from entering your plumbing system
  • It is a legal requirement to restrict your FOG from entering the public sewer. Inspections are carried out regularly to ensure your compliance with this.


Will I receive inspections ?

If you produce food on your premises for your staff or the public, the answer is yes! Annual inspections (often up to four times a year) have already commenced and strict penalties are enforced for non-compliance. As a semi-state company under the Water Services Act 2013, Irish Water have brought the water and waste water services of Ireland’s 34 Local Authorities together under one national service provider.


How should I prepare for these inspections ?

Food Service Establishments are required to demonstrate compliance with their Trade Effluent Discharge License and with I.S. EN 1825 PARTS 1 & 2. Put simply, food operators need to establish and document a comprehensive routine of maintenance, water analysis and waste disposal for each grease trap interceptor on their premises. At taylormade.ie we have been preparing for these changes since 2012.


Our unique products and services ensure our valued customers remain compliant with all industry standards.

We are the only provider in Ireland to offer the following services as part of a fixed cost, all inclusive maintenance plan:

  • Grease Trap Supply & Installation
  • Daily Bacterial Treatment
  • Water Analysis & AER Submission
  • Scheduled Waste Disposal
  • Compliance Reporting.


So, which grease trap is right for your premises?

Stay tuned for our next blog which explains what to look out for when purchasing a grease trap and what standards are required by Irish Water and your local authority. But for now, please click on the link above for more information.