Grease Interceptors

What if a grease interceptor didn’t leak, give off bad odours, consume huge amounts of electricity or require frequent cleaning and emptying? If you are a busy food operator you’ll know how expensive and disruptive a poorly designed grease interceptor can be to your business.

Hundreds of Irish Food Service Establishments have said goodbye to their outdated grease trapping equipment and are enjoying the benefits of a Taylormade BIOTRAP. Not only are our valued clients compliant with mandatory waste water regulations, they are reporting zero blockages and bad odours, zero downtime and substantial savings compared to other systems.


A Time-Proven Solution

We are confident that your food operation will benefit from our time proven maintenance programme allowing you and your staff to focus on your core business with total peace of mind.


The BIOTRAP® Range of Grease Traps

Traditional grease interceptors are notoriously problematic and require expensive maintenance. High running costs, bad odours, frequent blockages and intrusive waste disposal are common place.


How Does it Work?

As waste water enters the BIOTRAP® the internal stainless steel baffles reduce the flow allowing the water to cool quickly. FOG (fats, oils & grease) then rises to the surface while food particles sink to the bottom.

Our time proven bacterial additive (not enzymatic) is automatically dosed into the unit each evening via a timed dosing pump. The micro-organisms in FAT ATTACK® break down FOG and digest all solid waste on contact which keeps the BIOTRAP®, as well as drains and pipes free flowing and functioning like new.

There’s no moving parts, filters or bags to replace. BIOTRAP® requires no daily maintenance by staff, consumes zero electricity, and can be retrofitted in almost any kitchen (above or below ground). With a 25+ year life expectancy* and a 100% airtight design, BIOTRAP® is the most hygienic and cost effective interceptor on the market.