Have You Received an Inspection?

Irish Water inspectors require FSE’s (Food Service Establishment’s) to install a correctly sized grease trap or grease interceptor. In accordance with I.S. EN 1825 parts 1&2 the licencee must regularly monitor, maintain and report on the compliance performance of the greasetrap. 

For busy food service establishments, this can be a time consuming and daunting responsibility. Inadequate greasetrap compliance can not only result in criminal liability but can also cause expensive blockages, bad odours and unplanned downtime. 

A taylormade Maintenance Plan guarantees compliance with all industry regulations and ensures drains and grease traps  remain operation 24/7.

Manufactured, Installed & Maintained to I.S. EN 1825

Every taylormade grease trap is sized and installed in strict compliance with industry standards and is supplied with a Sizing and Installation Certificate which provides Irish Water inspectors with the necessary proof of compliance.

Sizing a greasetrap correctly requires a skilful assessment of the food service establishment. Critical information such as water temperatures, meals served per day, pipe runs equipment collating detailed information that is best obtained from a site visit. We provide a free nationwide sizing service