What are your compliance obligations?

As a FSE (Food Service Operator) you have a legal obligation to demonstrate compliance with Irish Water standards for waste water. These requirements are detailed below. At taylormade.ie we provide a nationwide compliance reporting service to comply with I.S. EN 1825 parts 1&2. For more information contact our sales team on 1890 336633 or email taylormade.ie

As with all grease traps, it is a legal requirement for food operators to demonstrate compliance in the following areas:

  1. Routine inspections & maintenance
  2. Scheduled waste disposal
  3. Monitoring
  4. Waste water analysis
  5. Compliance reporting.

it is also a legal requirement for the FSE (Food Service Establishment) to apply for (and renew annually) their:

  • Trade Effluent Discharge License

You or a nominated member of staff can undertake all these tasks or you can request a quotation for a taylormade Service Level Agreement which will ensure your premises complies with all of these licensing requirements and it guarantees you will get the very best result from your grease trap.

So, what are the licensing requirements for your grease trap?

  1. Routine Maintenance and Inspections. You are required to inspect the condition of your trap (its seals, connections etc) on a regular basis and keep written records of your findings. Taylormade.ie provide this service as part of an SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  2. Scheduled Waste Disposal. LEGAL: The trap must be emptied only by an approved waste disposal contractor with a valid and up to date DCC Permit number. A Waste Disposal certificate should be issued each time the trap is emptied. Details should include: Weight. date & time of disposal. Location of processing plant. Permit numbers. Description of waste/ Taylormade.ie provide this service as part of an SLA (Service Level Agreement)


Other requirements include Monitoring, Waste water analysis, compliance reporting and trade effluent discharge licenses. These other compliance obligations will be discussed in the next blog.