Taylormade Maintenance Plans – How do they benefit you and your business?

A preventative maintenance plan for your existing grease trap will eliminate blockages, bad odours and costly downtime while ensuring your premises is compliant with all Local Authority and Irish Water regulations.

What was once an unknown and unpredictable expense is now capped, controlled and monitored. Our plans are taylormade to the needs of each facility and include scheduled waste disposal, daily bacterial treatments, bimonthly service visits and an online compliance reporting service. All of this for one fixed monthly fee! This one of a kind service provides total peace of mind for our valued clients allowing them to focus on their core business.

Accurate, Consistent, and Actionable

Scheduled monitoring and maintenance is carried out every 30 or 60 days and all mandatory records are updated. This ensures the performance data is accurate, consistent and actionable. You and your Local Authority inspectors can remotely access these maintenance and compliance records via MACS .

What are the benefits?

If you have a grease trap you’ll know how expensive and disruptive it can be to your business but a taylormade maintenance plan will allow you to focus on your business with total peace of mind. Maintenance plans include all of the following for one fixed monthly fee:

  • Fat Attack Bacterial Treatment
  • Scheduled Waste Disposal
  • MACS Compliance Reporting
  • On Site Compliance Manual
  • Under Sink Food Catcher
  • Waste Water Analysis
  • AER Reporting
  • Application for Discharge License.